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Company Closure
We will assist with the following when you need to close the company
Incorporation Planning
  • What are reserves of a limited company?
  • When is the right time to close the company?
  • How much money can you withdraw from your limited company?
  • How much tax you will be paying when closing down a limited company?
  • De-Registrations of VAT, PAYE & Pensions etc
  • Can you close your limited company by sending DS01 to Companies House?
  • Can you close your limited company when the reserves are under £25,000 or over £25,000?
  • Do you need the help of an Insolvency Practitioner when closing your limited company?
  • How can you bring the reserves down to £25,000?
  • When should I close my company bank account which will be closing down soon?
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