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Tax Refund

If any of the scenarios below are applicable please contact us.

Our fee for this service is 25%+vat of any rebate. We work on

If you think that you have paid too much tax in the past 4 years then you are entitled to claim back a tax refund from the tax man.

If you have paid Emergency Tax at any point in the last 4 years then you are entitled to an emergency tax refund. It may be that you have not benefited from your yearly tax free allowance. Using our service will also get you put on the right tax code so you are paying the right amount of tax.

You can find out if you’re on an Emergency Tax by checking your tax code in your pay slip which has a suffix or prefix of BR, X, WK1 or MTH1.

Anyone who earns more than the current tax free allowance threshold is eligible to pay tax – and this includes students. However, it is highly unlikely that you, as a student, will have earned more than your tax free allowance.

Your employer may not have taken this into account though, so it is very possible you are due a tax refund, especially if you know you have earned less than 10,000 in one tax year. It is free to find out if you are due a tax rebate.

You may be entitled to a tax rebate from HM Revenue & Customs, if you have been fired or made redundant during the tax year.

This is because HMRC calculate your tax based on the fact that you will work the full tax year. Due to this, you may have paid too much tax on your wages while you were working.

It doesn’t matter if you were made redundant or were fired, you are still entitled to claim back any overpaid tax. It will usually take four to six weeks to receive your tax rebate, depending on your individual tax office and the time of year.

To see if you may be due a tax refund, get your P45 and send it back to us

If you have left or are planning to leave the country you may be entitled to a tax rebate.

If you have worked and paid income tax and are planning to leave the country for an extended period time, or if you have left within the last 4 years, then you will be able to apply for a tax refund.

You could also claim back your National Insurance contributions as long as you remain a UK resident. Please talk to us about this possibility.

There are more than 2 million foreign workers in the UK today and as many as 90% pay too much tax. This is because of the way the HMRC assigns tax codes.

If you are a foreign national working in the UK and you think you may be paying more tax than you should then please contact us.

If you contribute to a personal pension plan or a stakeholder pension scheme. HMRC contribute also contribute an extra 20%. So for every £100 you pay in they will pay £20.

If you are a higher-rate tax payer (i.e.40%), you may also be able to claim a rebate.

Depending on how much you earn over the higher rate tax band, any additional tax relief would range between a further 1% up to a maximum of 20%.

Have you bought tools or equipment that you need to carry out your job in the last 4 years?

If you have not been fully reimbursed by your employer for any equipment you have paid for then we can secure you a tools or mechanics tax rebate. We will need receipts for the equipment that you have bought.

Do you wear a uniform or other specific clothing for work? & Do you have to wash your own work clothes at home?

You could be able to claim a tax refunds for washing your work clothes as long as:

  • Your employer doesn’t provide you with laundry tokens or similar
  • Your employer doesn’t provide free laundry facilities, whether or not you use them
  • Your employer doesn’t take care of the washing themselves

HMRC recognise that to work, some professions incur expenses and these can be tax deductible.

Here are some examples of allowable expenses:

  • Union Fees
  • Professional Subscriptions and Associations
  • Professional Insurance

If you work in the medical profession, you are probably entitled to claim for the following:

  • Membership fees paid to a professional body or union, e.g. RCN, NMC, UNISON and GMC
  • Subscriptions paid to professional publications and journals
  • Using your own car to travel to clients or varying locations
  • Purchasing your own books/equipment for work use
  • Paying for work related insurance
  • Washing/laundering a uniform (read details about uniform tax rebates)
  • Purchasing tights and shoes

If you work in the Police force, you are probably entitled to claim for the following:

  • A fixed allowance of £140 per year or a clothes allowance
  • Professional Subscriptions and Associations e.g. all UK Police Federations
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