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Tax Planning & Advice
Keeping more of what you earn
We cover the following areas of Tax planning:
Incorporation Planning

Changing the Sole trader or Partnership business into a Limited company can have several benefits, including big tax savings as well as legal security for the owners as individuals. But this needs to be done legally and with careful considerations.

We help our clients set up their businesses in the best format for them, saving them as much as possible based on their circumstances

Remuneration Planning

There are many ways of taking money out of your business but some are more tax efficient than others, and some will only be possible if your business is set up in a certain way. Also there are so many thresholds to consider and it’s based on the personal circumstances as well.

We help to take give you the highest take home from their business as possible but at the same time pay as little tax as possible

Exit Planning

We help the client to plan the exit in the most tax efficient way and help them to extract the best possible way the money out of the business. There are so many ways we can help especially in the sale or exit.

Inheritance Tax Planning

It’s important to remember that when you die, your estate could be subject to inheritance tax (IHT) if it’s worth more than the IHT threshold. With careful planning you can reduce the amount payable – but it can be complex

We help our clients to setup right structure depending on the personal circumstances to transfer assets to the next generation without having to pay large amount of tax on death.

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